Susan Busch

Nurse Practitioner

  • No. years practising in dermatology (& aesthetics): 10 years (& 4 years)

  • No. of Botox injections: >1000

I am committed to providing personalized aesthetic procedures for all my clients who want to achieve a natural appearance because I love that fresh natural look. I am committed to providing the highest quality cosmetic services and only use the best products on the market. I walk my patients through the entire procedure and love answering questions. In addition to my medical training and work at Harvard affiliated hospitals, I received a master's in public administration from the Harvard Kennedy School. Something interesting about me is that for over 20 years I have been a medical volunteer in Indonesia, Haiti, Ecuador, and India.

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  • 11's (vertical lines between eyebrows):

    $240 (on the market: $300)

  • Upper face (Forehead and 11's):

    $360 (on the market: $450)

  • Full face (11's, forehead and crow's feet):

    $480 (on the market: $600)

Qualifications & Certifications

Board certified American Nursing credentialing center #062997 1990-present
Nurse Practitioner Massachusetts license RN17794 expires 8/14/2022

Northeastern University 1986 Bachelor in Nursing
Graduate Simmons College 1990 Masters in Nursing
Lahey Medical Center 2010 Nurse Practitioner Dermatology Fellowship
Harvard Kennedy School 2018 Masters in Public Administration

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